Patience is a Virtue

Patience is A Virtue

   I believe I've grown in reading and have gotten better at reading comprehension and gaining new vocabulary. I just finished reading, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. This tells the story of a girl named Mariam, who lives in Afghanistan with separated parents. With her Father having multiple families and her Mom committing suicide, she goes on to meet another girl who has endured the same difficulties. This is an awesome book with amazing and applicable lessons. The main lesson is the idea of being patient.
   Patience is a virtue and it is a hard thing to achieve. Hosseini implements being patient throughout the entire story when Mariam goes through many obstacles. He introduces the readers to the typical struggles of any girl in Afghanistan. Mariam seems so sad and angry, but she meets another girl who has struggled as much as her. During this time, she realizes that her patience paid off and that she now has someone to face her problems with. 
   Here is a quote from the book: "Behind every trial and sorrow that he makes us shoulder, God has a reason." (38) 

   Unfortunately, everybody in the world doesn't believe in this idea. The reason they don't believe in this idea is either because they are atheist or they are just extremely negative. In the world which we live in today, the majority of people don't keep patience and freak out when something goes wrong. The idea of staying patient goes away, once these pessimists ruin our hope of a good thing happening. With the internet and social media, this idea of pessimism and being impatient spreads significantly throughout the world.  Personally, I support those small number of people who stay positive and know that if they stay patient, eventually something good will come their way. Patience pays off and there are multiple examples of that, one being Mariam. Sadly, patience isn't common in this world today. 

   The choice is yours if you want to be patient or impatient. The smart person would choose to be patient because in the end it, leads to nothing, but great rewards. It's worth the wait!


  1. I really like this post. We live in a world that is becoming increasingly negative because of conditions that we have created, and believing things that are positive is often considered wrong and sometimes criticised as "living in a fantasy world", unfortunately. Sometimes you just have to stay patient for the better times to come. But don't forget to pitch in yourself to help create the better times.

  2. I really like your entry and it is very interesting that your book is mainly centered around patience. My grandfather always told me as a kid that, "Patience is the mother of all the virtues". Back then I didn't really understand that statement, but I can relate to your last sentence and also believe that patience can lead to a great reward.


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